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Some of my clients/partners/friends memoriam

DOP platform

2012 - ...

The graphics of DOP platform are to die for.

Visit their website, explore the flyers, posters,

projects and books.


2013 - ...     

Clac is all about percussion. They organise workshops, camps, performances and lessons for all ages. Clac is blessed with a lot of heavenly PRINT: flyers and posters.


2013 - ...

The graphic design of Zomer van Antwerpen (an amazing summer culture festival of Antwerp) will always have a place in our hearts. We won’t forget the logo, print, signage and website.


2013 - ...     

May your flowers bloom

as beautiful and daring

as your logo, branding

and print.

Prospekta: Ongezien

2016 - ...     

Jens Dawn contributed to the artistic output of the project ‘Ongezien’. We will always remember the Graphic Design of ‘Ongezien’ and ‘Ongezien 2’


2013 - ....

Let us remember the beauty of the artistic projects by cc Maasmechelen and their graphic design:

- Gartencity

- Mota Campagna

- 100 jaar de eerste wereldoorlog

- Uitpas Maasmechelen

Thank you Marc and Eef


Kopje t vzw

De Nieuwe Spelers

Lakkerij De Bruyn

Schipper mocht ik

Elephants Dream

. . .



You want your project

to end up like these organisations.

Make sure

your graphic designer

is Jens Dawn.

I am honored

you are asking me

to work for free,

what are friends for.

I hope we will be friends again in the afterlife.


Bibliotheek Hasselt Limburg

2015 - ...     

A library has some books. This library has a huge collection in a great building wrapped in angelic graphics. Take a moment of silence for the branding, signage, print, and don’t forget the graphic artwork outside.

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